12/31/2012 10:44 am ET Updated Dec 31, 2012

Yelp Reviews Of McDonald's Are Ridiculous

McDonald's cravings happen, even to those of us with the best of healthy-eating intentions. The appeal, of course, is the greasiness, but also the consistency. Corporate quality control ensures that, no matter which McDonald's we drive through or stumble into, the fries, nuggets and hot apple pies are always the same: crispy, caloric and filling.

This uniformity also extends to the ambiance at McDonald's. Call it what you will -- cozy, smelly, florescent -- unless you're dining at a speciality McDonald's, such as the world's largest, we're willing to wager that the interior design is probably not what lured you in.

Which is why reviews of McDonald's on Yelp are even more entertaining and pointless than other Yelp reviews, which some argue are irritating and arbitrary.

Some McDonald's Yelp reviews make sense. The self-aware ones in particular are helpful -- many reviewers mention the ostensible absurdity of reviewing a fast food chain before going on to critique a location's service or wait times.

But earnest assessments of McDonald's food quality, menu items and atmosphere are rather amusing. Here are 13 of the most ridiculous we found: