09/26/2013 10:39 am ET

24 Babies Who Are Having A Way Better Day Than You

These babies are living the dream.

Watching Vines of babies on continuous loop is basically the best thing you could be doing right now...

1. Waking up with Brad Pitt.

2. Finding eternal love at a young age.

3. Stealing a few kisses.

4. Apparently having the best dream.

5. Getting to sleep in a freaking space machine.

6. He's probably a better dancer than you...

7. Especially with this move.

8. Well at least one of them is having a better day.

9. Wassaaaaaaa.

10. Faker.

11. Can't help himself.

12. Never gets old...

13. A ticklish chin.

14. The twin lounge singers.

15. A total pro.

16. Knows how she'll walk one day.

17. Dropping like an earthquake.

18. No shame for the duckface.

19. No no

20. Already getting to learn how to drive.

21. So excited and just can't hide it.

22. A little man who knows what he wants and gets it.

23. And finally this foot in mouth drinker...