Speech Coach Has A Theory On Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes And Her Deep Voice

Julie Foh speculates Holmes, who's under indictment, seeks respect by lowering her voice.

Most women wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, but some might not mind her deep voice.

Holmes, a one-time business wunderkind whose blood-testing company is now defunct, awaits trial on wire fraud charges and is accused of orchestrating two separate multimillion-dollar schemes ― one aimed at defrauding investors, the other targeting doctors and patients.

Speech coach Julie Foh, who teaches women to speak deeper, thinks Holmes purposely speaks with a lower voice in a bid to earn the respect of her male counterparts.

“She decided that that was one way she would try to fit in with her peers, to try to speak closer to a male pitch range,” Foh told Inside Edition.

The issue with a higher voice, according to businesswoman Vanessa Bombardieri, is that “people perceive you as younger and less experienced,” she told the show.

In the video above, Foh offers a few tips to Bombardieri to help her emulate Holmes’ voice.

“We’ll work on opening the throat, opening the upper part of the torso,” Foh said, before suggesting her client also expand her rib cage when she speaks.

Still, no matter how much a woman works on deepening her voice, constant vigilance is needed.

Former Theranos employee Ana Arriola said that Holmes would sometimes slip up and speak in a higher pitch, typically when she’d been drinking, according to Inside Edition.

“It was maybe at one of the company parties, and maybe she had too much to drink or what not, but she fell out of character and exposed that that was not necessarily her true voice,” she said.