Michael B. Jordan Meets Fan Who Tweeted A Photoshopped Picture Of Them Together

The actor praised Twitter for doing its thing.

Michael B. Jordan has thanked Twitter for meeting a fan of his for the “second time.” 

The “Creed II” actor responded on Thursday to a tweet by Twitter user Bolu Babalola, who hilariously shared a photo of herself with Jordan photoshopped in. 

The photo caught the attention of social media users, and eventually led to Babalola meeting Jordan in person and getting a real photo to cherish.

“Happy Twitter did [its] thing,” Jordan wrote. “Great meeting you (for the second time).” 

It all started when Babalola shared the photoshopped photo last Saturday teasing that she met “this guy” over the summer but had “lost touch” with him.

She told BuzzFeed News on its morning show this week that she was inspired to share the photo, created by her friend, after reading about two friends who reunited via Twitter after meeting on a cruise ship years prior.

“It just got out of control, I was not expecting it to go that far,” Babalola said of her viral tweet. 

Babalola then attended a Q&A for “Creed II” in London and took the opportunity to ask a question about the film – and to inform Jordan that her photoshopped photo had made its rounds on Twitter. 

We gotta get a real picture now,” Jordan responded during the discussion according to a video posted to Twitter.

Indeed the pair later took a photo together, and Twitter users who had been following Babalola’s story celebrated on social media

Earlier this year, Jordan made headlines when he surprised a teen who brought a life-size cardboard cutout of the actor to her high school prom. 

The actor brought the lucky fan, Audeva Agyeman, to the set of “Creed II.” She told HuffPost back in August that it was “one of the best days” of her life.