07/06/2017 06:24 pm ET

To Prove A Point, This Woman Wore Her '90s Bridesmaid Dress Everywhere

Shoutout to Jessica McClintock.

Twenty-two years ago, children’s book author Tammi Sauer married her husband Ron. Standing by her side on the big day were seven bridesmaids, all dutifully wearing some very ’90s dresses. 

Tammi Kippes Sauer
Servin' 90s realness. 

“The bridesmaid dresses were made from a Jessica McClintock pattern and miles of burgundy brocade fabric,” Sauer said of the gowns, which were hand-sewn by moms, grandmas, and local seamstresses.

Tammi Sauer
Maybe if you're lucky, you can find this retro pattern on eBay.

Here’s where the 2017 fun begins: On June 17, Sauer ― who lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her husband and two kids ― posted some amazing throwback pics of the 1995 wedding. She jokingly included an apology to her besties for the dresses:

But there were no hard feelings! As her college pal and bridesmaid Heidi Mann pointed out in a reply to the post, a frill-tastic '90s gown is always in style. 

“What do you mean sorry about the dresses? I wear mine all the time,” Mann joked in the Facebook thread, along with a photo collage to prove her point. 

Here’s Mann getting some chores done: 

Heidi Mann
Makin' it work. 

She also rocked it as leisurewear.

Heidi Mann
So slinky, so comfy. 

Mann, who lives in a a suburb of Kansas City with her husband and two kids, told HuffPost she was inspired to stage the mini photo shoot because she felt the apology wasn’t necessary: After all, what bride doesn’t think her friends are going to get some extra use out of their bridesmaid dresses? 

“I did the same thing to my bridesmaids. I was certain I was getting them dresses that they would be able to wear again ― I wasn’t,” she said. “But the thought of someone determined to get good use out of their bridesmaids dresses by wearing them for every day activities made me laugh and I knew it would make Tammi laugh, too.”

Heidi Mann
Some casual gardening. 

Sauer said she laughed until she cried but still stands by her apology. 

“Those girls deserved that apology!” she said. “Not only were they wearing what I somehow thought was the epitome of bridesmaid dresses, but it was close to 100 degrees that day, and, um, the church didn’t have air conditioning.” 

Clearly, they went above and beyond. Props to you, ladies!

Tammi Sauer
What a time to be alive.