12/17/2013 07:19 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

21 Things That Are Just...OK

There are lots of lists of things that are awesome. There are also lots of lists of things that suck. But where are all the lists about things in the middle?

The gloriously mediocre, the fantastically middle-of-the-road, the tie in a world of wins and losses... The things we are impressively ambivalent about deserve to be listified too.

Something had to be done.

  • Six hours of sleep
    You're neither well rested, nor exhausted. Surviving, not thriving.
  • 30% battery
    So you don't need to charge right now, but you're going to need to soon. Or, soonish. probably.
  • 10% Off
    Is that a savings?
  • A 3-Day-Old Manicure
    Too chipped to look good, but too good to be replaced.
  • Cole Slaw
    Always the side-dish, never the bride. Or whatever.
  • Mid-Ankle Socks
    Ankle socks are the middle child. Not the beloved low-cut, but not the loud-and-proud tall sock either.
  • Plain or Generic Chapstick
    Nobody's writing a song about the taste of this thing. (We're looking at you, Katy.)
  • Futons
    Not a bed, not quite a couch.
  • Unscented Hand Soap
    I appreciate the antibacterial properties, but you couldn't throw in some cucumber melon or something?
  • Pound Cake
    You could have been a strawberry shortcake, man.
  • Betta Fish
    A specialist in motionless floating and just sort of existing, it's hard to believe you have the adventures of clown fish, but you're more colorful than goldfish so, that's cool?
  • Manila Folders
    He's getting paid to hold this thing and he's STILL not excited.
  • Bed Skirts
    Every time you see a bed skirt, you know it's shielding a messy under-bed, so it's sort of a lose/lose. But at the end of the day, it's better than a messy under-bed. Sort of.
  • Leaving Work At 5:27
    You already missed after-work drinks with your friends, but at least you get to watch re-runs when you get home, so there's that.
  • White Sneakers
    Clean and crisp. For now.
  • Plain Grilled Chicken
    I'm so bored I have nothing to say here. But I am hungry, so...
  • Iceberg Lettuce
    We all know iceberg is only in salad for volume, but we'd miss it if it weren't there.
  • Cheap Umbrellas
    You served your purpose, little friend, if only for a little while.
  • Half-Zips
    Would it have been so hard to make the zipper go all the way down?
  • Plastic Hangers
    Totally better than wire but like, how effective are they, really?
  • Honeydew
    Cantaloupe's ugly stepsister. But at least you're not durian.

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