09/21/2011 02:36 pm ET Updated Nov 21, 2011

The Truck Stop: La Brea's Gourmet Food Truck Lot

For those of you hungry Angelenos that salivate at the sight of a food truck -- you're about to get real cozy with The Truck Stop.

Quality Control: The Truck Stop has vowed to feature only LA's top ranked food trucks. You're getting the best of the best. The Truck Stop hosts seven trucks every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday night. It was started by Chef Chris Goossen (former executive chef at Bottega Louie) and Jamie Schneider - the masterminds behind the Knockout Taco Truck.

On the menu tonight from 7-10pm: the Knockout Taco Truck, the South Philly Experience, Gyro Gone Wild (making their Truck Lot debut), the Shrimp Pimp, Lardon, Mandoline Grill, Egg Slut, and Meet N Potatoes.

Thursday night will include the Palazzolo Truck, Buttermilk truck, the Knockout Taco Truck, the Philly Please truck, the Doghouse truck, and the Shortrib BBQ truck.

You'll find the food truck hub at the northwest corner of Beverly and La Brea. A former Valero gas station (you can still get a carwash there) is now filled with picnic tables and the dinner lines often wrap around the block. Now that's the LA spirit.

For more information on The Truck Stop please reference Facebook and Twitter.

Browse tonight's trucks here: