12/06/2013 09:28 am ET

Spencer Pratt Graduates From College After 10 Years


Congratulations are in order because reality star Spencer Pratt, 30, has graduated from college -- 10 years after first enrolling.

The real life "Van Wilder" tweeted last Wednesday:

"I'm done with classes," Pratt told Us Weekly. "I still have one final, Spanish 3, but thankfully I have two weeks to study for it. My degree is going to be in political science."

MTV notes that Pratt enrolled at the University of Southern California before his career took off, adding that he re-enrolled in 2011. "I was busy being famous!" Pratt explained to Us Weekly when asked what took him so long.

Heidi Montag's scruffier half also rewteeted one of his professors this morning:

And if this makes you realize you've missed Speidi, catch the college graduate and his buxom wife on the E! special "After Shock - Heidi & Spencer" next Monday (Dec. 9) at 10 p.m. EST.