12/03/2012 07:35 am ET Updated Dec 03, 2012

'Sister Wives': The Brown Family Vacations, Clashes With Another Polygamist Family (VIDEO)

On the latest episode of "Sister Wives," the Browns went on vacation with a family that's structured very much like their own. Joe Darger also has three wives, though he married the first two on the same day. It was ten years later that he added his third wive, who was the twin sister of one of his first wives. The non-sister wife is their cousin, so he's keeping his relationship all in the same family.

Another way he manages his large family differently than Kody is the fact that the Dargers all share a single kitchen, whereas Kody has his family split into three different households -- one for each wife.

When Kody and his wives were encouraged to try having a shared kitchen for all of them, Kody balked at the notion. "That’s great for them if that’s their choice," he said.

To them, though, he said, "That’s great for you guys but be very careful about pushing this on me." There had been friction years ago in the Brown household when Meri and Janelle shared a kitchen and butted heads.

The Browns are members of the Apostolic United Brethren Church. While The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has officially rejected polygamy, the Brown family openly continues with the practice.

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