06/25/2010 02:40 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Shirley Tilghman ICED: Princeton President Declines Bro's Smirnoff Ice Offer

Bros are no longer just icing bros -- they're icing college presidents (and female presidents at that).

Princeton chief Shirley Tilghman was recently greeted with a Smirnoff Ice by a student calling himself Dick Van Buren at a ceremony on campus. The short of it: Van Buren offered Tilghman an Ice; Tilghman said no.

The University Press Club has Van Buren's complete story:

"She [Tilghman] was up on stage taking pictures and talking to professors and I didn't see any security measures in place other than the crowd's own sense of propriety, so I just walked up on the stage and stood around trying to look like I wasn't about to offer her a delicious citrus-flavored malt beverage."

"I moved in during a gap in conversation and introduced myself, explained the rules of the game, and offered her an ICE Original on behalf of myself and the Class of 2010. She informed me that she couldn't be seen chugging it, so I asked her if she could just take a sip, which she also declined."

And ... scene.