02/19/2014 12:34 pm ET Updated Feb 19, 2014

Sad Sochi Bear Is The Official Mascot Of Devastated Russian Hockey Fans (PHOTO)

Even the mascots are sad in Sochi.

Devastation was in the air at the Bolshoy Ice Dome following the Russian men's hockey team's stunning 3-1 defeat to Finland in the quarterfinals of the Olympic tournament on Wednesday. Alex Ovechkin and his teammates were visibly distraught on the ice when their early exit was sealed. Russian fans looked stunned in the stands as their team's medal hopes were dashed yet again. Once the players and the fans had cleared out, one of the official Sochi Olympics mascots, the Polar Bear, remained. With his oversized head in his furry paw, the sad bear's posture of sadness summed up the feelings of everyone who had been hoping the home team would win gold.

While this bear may have had the most viral reaction to the Russian defeat, he was hardly alone in having his shock photographed. Here are the despondent reactions of several other fans on Wednesday captured by AP and Getty photographers.

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