03/10/2008 11:47 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Rep. S. Arnold King in Gruntville

We knew it would be coming. That inevitable defamation of Barack Obama, stating that the election of Obama would be a triumph for Al Qaida given Obama's Muslim middle name. What better source for this remark than Representative Steven Arnold King, the unstoppable Republican of Iowa? This, despite the fact that every expert on Al Qaeda knows that the middle name Arnold in the secret language of the terrorists means "blessed friend whose feet I kiss for your secret service to our great cause."

This is the man whose 100% conservative credentials places him high on the list of spokesman for his party. Since John McCain is now stressing his own impeccable conservative views, is it possible that those views fall into line with those of Rep. King? For those who may have forgotten, here are the top five hits from Rep. S. Arnold King:

The torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib amounts to hazing.

Iraq is much safer than Washington, D.C.

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, King keeps claiming that illegal immigrants are perpetrating sex crimes against "eight little girls" daily as part of a "slow motion terrorist attack." And he keeps creating statistics for every heinous crime he attributes to the undocumented.

He proposed an act of Congress to forbid House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from traveling to Cuba and other countries.

When accused of McCarthyism for his statements he claimed that McCarthy was "a hero for America."

The only fact that Representative King can claim as true is that his 5th District of Crawford County Iowa has the greatest number of hog and pig farms in America. What better representative could they have than Steven Arnold King? Oink twice if you believe in Republicans.