10/26/2013 08:28 am ET

Religious Vine Videos A QUICK Interfaith Calendar

Religious holidays and festivals are beautiful in their diversity. Take a very quick trip through the year's religious calendar with a selection of vines for some major holidays, and share your own vines with us in the comments.

Passover- March 26-April 2
Holi- March 27 Palm Sunday- March 24 Good Friday- March 29 Vaisakhi- April 14 Vesak- May 23 Rosh Hashanah- Sept 5-6 Sukkot- Sept 19-25 Hajj- October 13 Eid Al Adha- Oct 15 Diwali- Nov 1-5 Christmas- Dec 25 Happy holidays, everyone!

Check out a full religious calendar here.

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