03/20/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Rebuilding From The Bottom Up

We are in one of the most challenging times in our country's history. We need to rebuild! One of the best ways to rebuild is from the bottom up. So if we work from the local level and help people rebuild their communities it will give people a sense of hope and pride to see what they can accomplish when they work together. In keeping with this thought my staff and I decided we wanted to choose four charities that are supporting and rebuilding our communities and raise funds for there causes. The first charity we chose is Habitat for Humanity. Their mission is to build good affordable homes and have the home owner and the community involved with the building of the home. Unfortunately many people are losing their homes due to foreclosures or other financial difficulties. Helping people rebuild their lives by giving them a clean affordable home is a great way to start. If we can raise $3000.00 then 20 of us can participate by helping to build a home.

One of the ways we are raising money is by donating the cost of our initial examination and first treatment to Habitat for Humanity. Normally we charge $170.00 for these services but for this fundraiser we are only charging $40.00. Anyone who is physically limited due to some type of injury or pain can come in to see if we can help them for a very low cost. At the same time they can help us rebuild our community. It is a win/win for everyone!!

Anyone who is interested in coming into the office and taking advantage of our offer or donating to help us reach our goal please call us at 310-998-5800. We will be providing these services until the end of March, so come in and help us raise money for a great charity.