11/07/2012 02:30 pm ET

'Oncle Sam' Popcorn Machine Pops Each Kernel Individually (VIDEO)

Don't you hate when your bag of popcorn pops too quickly? Oh wait, that never happens.

Instead of creating something that makes life easier, students at University of Art and Design Lausanne/ECAL in Switzerland from invented the "Oncle Sam," a gadget that pops each kernel of corn individually. A single tea-light candle heats one cup of oil, and the pieces of popcorn are salted one-by-one with a miniature salt shaker.

This isn't inspired by the popular single-serving coffee trend, so don't roll your eyes just yet. It's an art project, and PFSK explains the reasoning behind it:

This idea of slowing down the manufacturing process, which we so often overlook in the midst of our daily grind, is the theme of the new exhibition.

Watch "Oncle Sam" in action in the video below.

ECAL Low-Tech Factory/Oncle Sam from ECAL on Vimeo.