02/26/2014 03:12 pm ET Updated Apr 28, 2014

Top 8 Most Inspiring Moments From the Winter Olympics for Any Fitness Entrepreneur

We can all learn a little something when it comes to the Olympics. Whether it's newfound national pride, some competitive spirit, or realizing just how beautiful the globally adored competition really is, the Olympics have something for everyone. This goes double for any fitness entrepreneurs out there. Not only are there plenty of lessons to be found in the competition on it's own, but the athletes themselves offer even an even brighter picture of what it means to be a fitness professional in every sense of the word. Here are eight great moments from the Sochi games and the lessons they offer:

Bode Miller: Bode is the oldest-ever alpine skier to win a medal at an Olympic games. Proof that you can do anything, no matter how old you are or where you've come from.

Jeremy Abbott: If you fall, get back up again. While Jeremy didn't receive a medal, he showed what it takes to be successful. You have to have strength and determination but most of all the heart to keep going.

Nick Goepper: This athlete reminds us that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or in his case, when it breaks, make do! He was the only slopestyle skier in this year's olympics competing sans poles.

Lizzy Yarnold: Gold medalist in the skeleton and fifth Briton to win an individual gold medal in the Winter Olympics. She's an athlete who not only won the gold but understands that taking the win also comes with tremendous responsibility. She wants all women to be inspired and aim high.

Adelina Sotnikova: wins the gold for Russia in women's figure skating. First time for Russia and from an underdog.

Johnny Weir: Becoming a fashion icon at the Winter Games goes to show that standing out is never a bad thing! Always important to have your own style and OWN IT.

Canadian Women's Hockey: Down 2-0 with 55 seconds left to go in the game, the Canadian women did not give up in the face of almost certain defeat. With their goalie pulled, they came back to take the gold, 3-2.

Lindsay Vonn/Evan Lysacek: Both of these elite athletes and defending medalists chose to withdraw from the Sochi games before the events began, having to decide between long-term health and extending their Olympic careers. Although it wasn't an easy decision, they showed us that life doesn't always have be about the next competition.