12/16/2011 12:32 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Marcus Bachmann Drops Unpaid ‘Ex-Gay' Therapy Bill For LGBT Activist

A dispute between Marcus Bachmann and a prominent LGBT activist over unpaid charges for counseling sessions has been resolved.

A voice message, left by a Bachmann & Associates' billing representative, informed Truth Wins Out Communications Director John Becker, that "[his] account is at a zero balance" and that the charges were written off "per Marcus Bachmann."

Listen to that voicemail here:

Bachmann Backs Down on Bogus Bill by johnmbecker

Becker, who secretly videotaped a therapy session at Bachmann's clinic that allegedly promised to "cure" his homosexuality earlier this year, had received a previous voicemail from the GOP candidate's husband himself last month, demanding $150 for two sessions that Becher had scheduled, but then canceled.

"We feel vindicated that Marcus Bachmann has ended his vindictive campaign to punish us for exposing his clinic's 'ex-gay' therapy practice,” Becker said in a statement on his organization's website. “Reason triumphed over retaliation today -- Bachmann made a wise decision to move on with his life and avoid further damage to his reputation."

Bachmann was quoted by The Wall Street Journal as having confirmed the account, and noted Becker was contractually obliged to pay for the two sessions he did not attend. "It's not the amount of money," he said. "For us, it's the principle."

Earlier this month, Bachmann's wife Michele was left speechless after being confronted by an 8-year-old boy who noted his mother was gay and "doesn't need fixing" at a book signing. Just this week, Rosie O'Donnell poked fun at the Bachmanns' expense, suggesting that Michele use the "gaydar gun," a novelty toy who claims to be able to identify one's sexual orientation, on her husband.

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