06/04/2005 11:15 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Liveblogging the MTV Movie Awards

(by HuffPost's youngest - 11 years old - blogger)

7:15: Arianna and I are at the filming of the MTV movie awards at the Shrine auditorium. Jessica Simpson has enormous blonde hair, very curly, obviously extensions. I'm amazed at how short she is, even in her rhinestone high heels.

Chris Rock and Adam Sandler are presenting the best villain award, but we can not tell you who won because we are all sworn to secrecy until Thursday, when the show airs. After they present the award to the best villain, "the best villain" came out and said there was an even greater villain. I thought he was going to mention somebody in Washington, but in fact, he pulled an egg out of his pocket, and said: "the real villain is cholesterol." He said another villain was the people who are catching seals in nets, with the seals getting hurt.

I talked with Judy McGrath, the head of MTV, who was wearing Converse. She said she had been going to these awards since 1981, and "she knows better than anybody else not to wear high heels."

8:51: Eminem was great. He touched his crotch 37 times -- at least that's what Dustin Hoffman said when he took the stage and thanked MTV for connecting him again to a young audience. When Dustin thanked everyone -- from Universal to his own children -- he made sure to touch his crotch (to prove that he was hip, of course). Eminem sang 2 great songs -- A** Like That and Mockingbird -- he had very funny backup dancers!

Mariah Carey sang very well also she looked very chic in her red forties style gown with a lot of diamonds! Kathy Freston (we were guests of Tom and Kathy Freston) told us she was styled by Andre Leon Talley from Vogue. It made an outstanding difference! She looked great.

9:04: Arianna and I had backstage passes, so we went backstage. There were lots of stars hanging out. There was also good food and tv screens to watch the show from. My favorite was the sushi! Another fun food was fried coconut shrimp! It was very good but very different...

9:30: A very nice waiter, Zeli, took me to the kitchen and gave me a plate of delicious cookies. Desserts didn't come out until after the show was over.

9:55: Kathy Freston looked so pretty in a grey silk top and jeans; much cooler than fancy dresses.

10:00: The best movie award was presented by Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning. He came out carrying her. Frankly, I think Dakota Fanning tries too hard to be like a grown up -- she tries too hard to be like some big adult actress, instead of a kid.

10:15: Back stage I met Johnny Knoxville from Jack A** and Emile Hirsch from Lords of Dogtown (who was very cute). Also Heather, a good friend of my sisters, introduced me to the producer of Adam Sandler's movie and the director of his next one. It's called "Click" and it's about a man who is given a universal remote control so he can fast forward his life! On the way back to our seats we ran into Quentin Tarantino, who told me that the MTV fans had very good taste in fights! Wait until you find why.

Also wait until you find out who won best movie! Be sure to tune in on Thursday on MTV at 9 pm.