11/16/2012 07:35 pm ET Updated Feb 06, 2013

Kristen Stewart's First Role On Disney Channel's 'Thirteenth Year' At Age 8

Long before Kristen Stewart took over tabloid covers and the "Twilight" franchise, the actress made her debut on the small screen in a Disney Channel Original Movie.

Though she didn't have any lines, nor was the stint credited, you can see eight-year-old Stewart in a white turtleneck, waiting on line at the water fountain in 1999's "Thirteenth Year." In honor of Flashback Friday, you can watch her at 34 minutes and 51 seconds into the clip below.

The TV movie, about an adopted teenager who turns into his true merman self on his 13th birthday, also stars Dave Coulier, better known as Uncle Joey from "Full House," as the boy's adoptive father.