01/20/2013 12:19 pm ET

Jimmy Kimmel Inauguration Prank Asks Pedestrians About Oath Of Office Before It Happened (VIDEO)

Today is Inauguration Day, and millions across the country will be tuning in to watch President Barack Obama officially kick off his second term in Washington, D.C. and the various festivities. (Technically he'll be sworn in tomorrow, but who's counting?) Somehow, though certain citizens are privy to the inauguration's details before it even occurs -- or so they told Jimmy Kimmel.

On Friday, Kimmel's team hit the streets to interview pedestrians about the inauguration... without telling them it had not yet happened. Like moths to a flame, Hollywood residents had no problem telling a camera crew exactly what they thought of the decorations, their favorite moments and more. Like when Michelle Obama threw teddy bears in the crowd.

Check out a clip from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" above.