05/18/2013 04:23 pm ET

Jennifer Lopez Hot: Singer's Abs Continue To Amaze Us (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Lopez has just released the music video for her catchy new song, "Live It Up," her new collaboration with rapper Pitbull and the latest proof that her abdominal region is superior to all of ours. Seriously. Amazing. And the 43-year-old pop star knows it: She's had a long history of wowing us with her bare torso at every opportunity, from music videos to infamous Grammy appearances.

Ahead, a history of Lopez's ridiculously toned tummy:

2013: "Live It Up"
jennifer lopez hot

2007: "Como Ama Una Mujer" Release Party

2002: "Jenny from the Block"

2000: MTV Video Music Awards
jennifer lopez abs

2000: Grammys
j lo