03/30/2011 05:35 pm ET Updated May 30, 2011

James Franco And Danny McBride On MTV's 'Male Bondage' (VIDEO)

Yale Graduate School tuition: $33,500
Columbia Graduate School tuition: $32,392
Being friends with an Oscar-nominated actor: Priceless (aka, some humping, buying handguns, drinking beer, and keeping your d**k off the ground)

James Franco and Danny McBride stopped by MTV's "Male Bondage" to put host Josh Horowitz to the ultimate friendship test. Franco and McBride lead him through a dance challenge, an impossible game of Twister, and a good deal of humiliation before finally accepting him into their club. The two actors co-star in "Your Highness" which will hit theaters April 8.

Check out the clip from "Male Bonding" and the trailer for "Your Highness" below: