10/05/2009 04:05 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Health Care News Hunt: Become A Watchdog

Keeping track of the health care reform debate has been a mammoth undertaking. A single well written article can clarify the current political playing field, while an incomplete or myopic report can skew one's perception of the conversation. To help HuffPost readers keep track of the debate while promoting the best journalism on this contentious and fast-moving topic, the Huffington Post has once again teamed up with NewsTrust to give readers the tools to filter out dodgy articles and promote the best journalism on health care reform.

NewsTrust is a community of journalists and citizens who rate the news based on quality, not just popularity, by reviewing articles for accuracy, fairness, context and other journalistic qualities.

Throughout the week, NewsTrust members will join forces with HuffPost"s Eyes & Ears investigators to find quality journalism on health care reform, from the effects of proposed legislation to the lobbyists brokering backroom deals with lawmakers.

This week, the Senate Finance Committee will vote on their version of reform and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) will release its report on the cost of this bill. With the CBO providing tangible facts about the financial realities of proposed reform, the debate will likely gain much-needed focus as the bill heads toward a vote. That's why we need your help to find and promote the best journalism on the subject.

Joining the News Hunt is easy. Simply sign up here and start reviewing stories listed on our Health Care News Hunt page or submit interesting articles you have come across on this topic. To find new stories for review, check NewsTrust's smart feed on health care. As you start reviewing stories, you will learn more about this important subject, and share the results with our community to make us all more informed citizens.

We will feature the top rated stories on the Eyes & Ears page and will highlight the News Hunt's findings next Monday.