10/16/2009 06:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Goodwill Hunting for Halloween

With no offense meant to Christmas or Thanksgiving, many Americans' favorite holiday is right around the corner, and that means the next two weeks will be dominated by one concern: Halloween costumes. We all know that 2009 has been a remarkably tough year for consumers, and Halloween is never a cheap holiday. So in addition to vampires and pirates, you can add another item to this year's Halloween "In" list: affordability.

According to a recent study, consumers plan to spend approximately 15 percent less on Halloween this year, and 16.8 percent of those surveyed plan to make, rather than purchase, their costumes. Of course, millions of consumers already know the best store to scour for costumes isn't the pricey seasonal Halloween shop, but your local Goodwill.

Whether you're hoping to find a barely used store-bought costume, a groovy 70s outfit, or just some extra wigs and accessories, Goodwill's 2,324 stores located around the country are the place to shop this Halloween, without breaking the bank. And while you're saving your own money, remember that you'll also be supporting America's leading nonprofit provider of job training programs, employment
placement services and other community-based programs, helping Goodwill provide programs to more than 1.5 million people on a yearly basis. Goodwill is your creative, cost-effective and community-focused source for your Halloween shopping this year.

So what kind of costumes can you make while saving a buck? Here are our top 10 favorite recent Halloween costume finds at Goodwill's 2,324 stores.

Happy Goodwill Hunting!

10. Bunny Dog:

9. Vintage Pilot:

8. Mafia Bodyguard:

7. The Riddler:

6. Tennis Player:

5. German Stud and 80s Chick:

4. Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything:

3. Priest and Nun:

2. Christopher Robin:

1. Owl: