04/10/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Get LA: Web Film Competition Invites LA To Turn The Camera On Itself

In a city where make-believe is serious business and plastic surgery sometimes seems a right of passage, a new contest is encouraging local filmmakers to let Los Angeles just be itself.

Get LA, announced earlier this month, invites participants "to think critically about what Los Angeles means to them," said Bob Johnson, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of LA Works. His organization teamed up with the Los Angeles Magazine Foundation to create the competition. Entrants are simply asked to present what they love (or don't love) about LA in a web video.

Like many careers in Los Angeles, Get LA's website says "all you need to enter is a camera and an idea about the city." Also like many careers in Los Angeles, the films are limited to three minutes.

Prizes include coverage in Los Angeles Magazine, a screening at City Hall and a major theater, and a meeting with an agent or studio executive. A list of top entries will be posted on March 15 with an official selection and a viewer-selected audience favorite announced in early April. The lengthy list of judges includes actors Richard Dreyfuss and David Arquette alongside City Council President Eric Garcetti and Pulitzer Prize winner Joe Morgenstern.

Organizers hope to create a dialogue about the city. "We can use it to promote civic engagement and service in Los Angeles," added Johnson.

There are no limits on style -- biographical, documentary or fictional portraits are all welcome. Entrant don't have to be on budget but they do have to be on schedule. The submission deadline is March 3.