06/10/2013 05:22 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2013

Germany Pool Photo: Flood Waters Engulf Magdeburg Garden In Surreal Image

As Germany and a large portion of Central Europe deal with devastating floods, photographer Thomas Peter captured this surreal image of a garden and intact swimming pool, inundated by dirty flood waters:

germany pool photo

A garden with a swimming pool is inundated by the waters of the Elbe river during floods near Magdeburg in the federal state of Saxony Anhalt, June 10, 2013. (Thomas Peter/Reuters)

The image serves as a reminder that no matter how developed a nation may be, Mother Nature often still reigns supreme. At least 22 people have lost their lives in the crisis, and more than and more than 23,000 residents of the German city of Magdeburg were forced to evacuate their homes on Sunday alone.