03/11/2011 01:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Frederic Fekkai Shows Off His $3 Million Helicopter (PHOTOS)

The March issue of Women's Wear Daily's "Beauty Inc" profiles famed hairdresser Frederic Fekkai -- who also happens to be a helicopter pilot, an "addiction" he fell into 11 years ago:

Fekkai owns an AStar 350 Eurocopter, which he customized in a silvery charcoal gray metallic paint. The exterior is devoid of the usual stripes and lines that adorn most choppers; only his machine's "tail number" appears -- in bright yellow. The helicopter's interior is black leather and can accommodate up to six passengers. It set him back $3 million.

And he took the 70 hours of courses required to become a certified flyer. So where do Fekkai and his preferred method of transportation go?

He's flown to Gunnison, Colo., and Palm Springs, Calif. A favorite route is along the Hudson River, checking out West Point, N.Y., and admiring the multimillion-dollar estates. During the summer, he likes to stop at dozens of spots along the Northeastern seaboard with his family and friends onboard. "We can go to Montauk [N.Y.] in 40 minutes and have lunch, some lobster, and then come back."

Take a look at Fekkai in his helicopter and head over to to read more.