07/16/2013 04:13 pm ET

Yes, These Paintings Are Actually Made By Puking Flies (VIDEO)

If someone asked you if regurgitating flies were an artistic medium your gut instinct might be to answer "no." But you would be wrong.

Los Angeles based artist John Knuth has foregone paintbrushes in favor of a horde of nauseous insects, and the results are pretty damn beautiful. We are more skeptical, however, about how the works smell.

Called "Fly Paintings," Knuth's works are made with the help of 250,000 common houseflies. To prepare for the vomiting art-making session, Knuth feeds his buzzing little artistes a concoction of sugar, water, and colored pigment. For the next six weeks the flies spit millions of colored splashes onto a canvas, resulting in a Pollock-like field of spontaneous color.

Check it out.


Flies have more talent than you!


Contemplate that.


Are queasy flies the new frontier of performance art? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.