10/19/2013 01:12 pm ET Updated Oct 20, 2013

First Snowfall In Chicago 2013? Graupel, Possible Snow In City's Weather Forecast


Chicago just might be getting its first snowfall of the season next Monday.

According to NBC Chicago, a mix of rain and some wet snow could fall Monday morning.

Meanwhile, something a bit more unusual could fall over the weekend: an icy mix resembling a "soft hail" and called "graupel" could come down in the Chicago area in the late morning or early evening Saturday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Still perplexed by "graupel"? AccuWeather offered a slightly heartier explanation:

Graupel may look like small hail, but it crumbles when you touch it. It can look like pellets (as opposed to flakes) of snow.

The chance for anything resembling the white stuff falling either over the weekend or Monday is still low, the Chicago Tribune reports. But even if it stays away in the days ahead, it shouldn't be much longer before at least a little snow.

The average date of a first snowfall of at least a trace of snow is Oct. 30, according to the National Weather Service.