06/01/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Do The Democrats Think We're Stupid in Hollywood? (Yes!)

With so many people in Los Angeles suffering from lay-offs, catastrophic drops in home prices and retirement funds, paralyzing fear of Swine Flu (the PC term is now H1N1), canceled film and TV projects, and mergers of convenience in the entertainment industry....what exactly does the Democratic Party think it is doing bringing President Obama here to suck $5-$10 million out of people's remaining (and dwindling) discretionary income....and this is on top of Bill Clinton doing the same level of fund raising every chance he gets?

On May 27th, the Party is charging $2500 for a brief cocktail party followed by a $30,000-a-couple dinner in Beverly Hills--aimed at the entertainment community with all proceeds to the Democratic National Committee. President Obama is the piece de resistance.

I gave Obama's campaigns well over $10K and I live on a non-profit salary. I want the US out of Iraq and Afghanistan and a good national health care plan before I write another check!

There are over 200 community clinics in California which try to provide a minimal level of care for 8 million poor, uninsured, and mostly unemployed people. Those clinics have very little money as government budgets have been cut. Other types of social service agencies are closing, merging or cutting back. [note to Hollwood Dem donors: go see The Soloist, preferably before the dinner].

It is "pornographic" to continue the $5 billion 2008 election campaign just 5 months after we swore in a new President and new Congress.

I hope everyone going to the May 27 "Evening With President Obama" makes a dollar for dollar contribution here in Los Angeles to a nonprofit group and does so publicly....bold faced names attached.

--Jerry Maguire