02/14/2014 02:50 pm ET

'Days Of Our Lives' Gay Characters Will And Sonny Get Engaged In Valentine's Day Episode


On Friday's (Feb. 14) episode of "Days Of Our Lives," Will (Guy Wilson) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) got engaged, marking the first gay engagement on a daytime soap opera.

"When I found out they were finally getting engaged, I was thrilled," Smith told The Advocate, according to GLAAD. "Will and Sonny have been a power couple for two years now, and in the town of Salem, people don’t usually stay together that long, so they’re doing something right. It’s definitely time."

Back in 2012, Smith expressed his excitement over his character's storyline.

"It's allowed the audience to get to know our characters and to get to a place where they are really rooting for them to get together," Smith said. "This isn't a story about two gay guys. It's about two human beings who truly love each other."

Check out their Will and Sonny's engagement scene below: