12/15/2011 08:26 am ET Updated Dec 15, 2011

Daniel DeWild, His Twin Brother And His Brother's Wife Arrested In Connection With Heather DeWild's Murder (VIDEO)

Three people are due in Jefferson County Court this morning after having been arrested Wednesday for the 2003 disappearance and murder of 30-year-old Heather DeWild.

Daniel DeWild, 39, his identical twin David DeWild and David's wife Roseanne DeWild, 50, were all indicted on Dec. 9 by a Jefferson County Grand Jury on charges of first-degree murder after deliberation and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

According to the indictment, Heather DeWild went to the Edgewater home of her estranged husband Daniel DeWild around noon on June 24, 2003 with her two young children age 5 and 3 at the time. The couple were scheduled to attend their final divorce hearing just one week later, and Daniel DeWild was sharing a residence with his brother and his brother's then-girlfriend now-wife Roseanne. Daniel DeWild had "set up a ruse to get Heather DeWild to come to his home," and according to authorities she had brought her children along because she wouldn't meet with her estranged husband alone after the separation.

An excerpt from the indictment:

When interviewed on July 25, 2003, the male child tells Denver police that while at the residence, Daniel DeWild was "sneaking up on her [Heather DeWild] back." The male child also told police he didn't "know what they [Heather and Daniel DeWild] were fighting for." Heather DeWild was never seen alive again by anyone other than Daniel DeWild, David DeWild, or Roseanne Knowles (Roseanne DeWild).


A month after Heather DeWild went missing and the day after detectives found positive indications of decomposition in David DeWild's Chevrolet Suburban using a bloodhound, David DeWild married Roseanne DeWild.

In the indictment Roseanne DeWild tells police that she married David "Just in case something happens," and, "So I couldn't testify against him [David DeWild]."

Meanwhile Heather DeWild's body wasn't found until Sept. 4, 2003. Her badly decomposed body was found buried in a shallow grave along Highway 6 near Clear Creek Canyon, wearing the same clothes she was last seen in, bound with rope and a silver duct tape "mask." Authorities say in the indictment that David, Daniel and Roseanne DeWild had staged Heather DeWild's body by intentionally placing spurious evidence in order to mislead detectives.

After the murder, Heather DeWild's children split time between their father Daniel DeWild and their grandfather, Heather's younger sister Rebecca Barge told 9News. Today those children are now 12 and 14 years old.

"Solving this homicide has been my priority since I took office in 2005. The investigation has been a long time coming, but investigators in my office, the Jefferson Sheriff's County Office, the Arvada Police Department, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Edgewater Police Department have never forgotten Heather DeWild," Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey said in a press statement yesterday. "Homicide cases become much more difficult to solve with the passage of time. The tenacity of our investigators allowed us to take this to the grand jury. We are pleased that they have returned this indictment."

Storey also told CBS4 that the three knew they were still under investigation, adding, "Now we have a lofty burden of proof and that is beyond a reasonable doubt."

Heather DeWild's exact cause of death still remains unknown, but the manner was ruled a homicide.

The suspects are being held on $1 million bond each.


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