08/07/2014 10:28 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2014

Colbert Has Glimpsed The Future Of Journalism And It Is 'Apparently Kid'

The internet fell in love with Noah Ritter,"Apparently Kid," this week, but don't count Stephen Colbert among his new legion of fans. In fact, Ritter's explosion onto the news scene has the host worried.

"News anchor babies like this are breathing down my neck," Colbert scoffed. "At 5-years-old, he's already got the sincerity of Edward R. Murrow, the reassuring gaze of Walter Cronkite, and more gravitas than Steve Doocy."

Colbert went on to explain that Ritter's repetitive style is eerily similar to that of Sean Hannity's, whom the 5-year-old could probably "literally" replace.

The future of journalism is apparently written, folks.

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