05/06/2014 03:39 pm ET Updated May 07, 2014

17 Ridiculous 'Hey Dude' Moments You Forgot About

"Hey Dude" turns 25 years old this year. Yes, that will make you all feel incredibly old. The Nickelodeon show aired from 1989 to 1991 and had a second life as part of Nick's '90s Block in 2011. "Hey Dude" followed teens who spent an entire summer on the Bar None Dude Ranch, run by Mr. Ernst, a city-bred man trying to rough it with his son, Buddy.

Many of the teens from the original cast have disappeared from the spotlight, and Christine Taylor ("Dodgeball" and "Zoolander") is known as the show's breakout star. But to celebrate the show's 25th anniversary, most of the stars will come together again on HuffPost Live tomorrow, May 7 at 4:30 p.m. for a "Hey Dude" reunion. Produced in part with the ATX Television Festival, the special will feature Kelly Brown (Brad Taylor), David Lascher (Ted McGriff), Josh Tygiel (Buddy Ernst), Jonathan Galkin (Jake Decker and Debi Kalman (Lucy) as they reminisce about their days on the ranch.

But before you settle in to an afternoon at Bar None, enjoy most ridiculous "Hey Dude" moments you forgot about.

  • 1 The Time Brad Threw Pudding In Ted's Face
    He deserved it.
  • 2 That Time Melody Made This Face
    Because, I mean, look at that caricature.
  • 3 When Mr. Ernst Tried To Sell Bar None Merch
    Suspenders and bow ties. Nah, bro,
  • 4 That Time We Realized The 'Hey Dude' Ranch Turned Into This
    YouTuber Adam Woo took a trip back to the forgotten set and took a look around to find that the
  • 5 When Mr. Ernst Wanted To Get On "America's Funniest Home Videos"
    He put Buddy in a wheel barrow. It did not work.
  • 6 The Time The "Hey Dude" Theme Song Was Actually Super Catchy
    Yippee-tie-yiy-yay till the break of day. Heeeyy duddddee.
  • 7 That Moment When Brad Showed Up To The Ranch In A Limo
    How low key.
  • 8 When Melody Tried To Flirt
    Lying while flirting only gets you in trouble, Christine Taylor.
  • 9 The Time The Guys Tried to Bake
    The girls knew what was up.
  • 10 When Mr. Ernst Tried To Teach Everyone Fire Safety
    But Buddy just sprayed him in the face with water, instead. Typical city slicker.
  • 11 The Time Someone Left An Anonymous $100 Tip
    And the whole gang had to fight over who kept it. Thus began the great nature hikes vs. babysitting battle.
  • 12 That Time Buddy Played Capture The Flag
    He took one for the team.
  • 13 When Dude Ranch Visitors Looked Like This
    Oh, 1989...
  • 14 That Time Brad's Dad Lost His Job
    Nickelodeon titled that episode "Low Budget Brad."
  • 15 That Time Ted Found A Treasure Map
    It was basically like "The Da Vinci Code."
  • 16 When Melody Fell In Love With A Visiting TV Star
    Bobby Rogers. Swoon.
  • 17 And The Time Ted Thought A Guest Was In The Mob

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