05/17/2010 04:29 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Baseball Player Pees On Field During National Anthem

A recent national anthem in Wise County, Virginia was marred by a stream of urine. reports that a Powell Valley High School baseball player "exposed himself" and peed on the infield as teammates and onlookers honored the country's flag.

The incident occurred on April 30, and the student has reportedly been disciplined. The school kept the student's name as well as his punishment confidential, in accordance with student privacy laws. But according to, multiple sources identified the urinator as sophomore football and baseball star Jacob Huff.

Both web sites report that the peeing prankster unleashed his urine after being dared to do so.

Joe Rasnick, the head of a local VFW group, "despises" the athlete's urinary act, but also looked ahead for greater context. "This is just one incident where a youngster did a stupid thing, and he's probably very sorry. I bet that someday, when he matures, he'll realize that he did a very hurtful and distasteful thing," he told

(via With Leather)