12/27/2012 11:54 am ET

Bacon Grease Soap Made From Leftovers By The Flint Crepe Co. Is The Ultimate Recycling

As if we haven't already covered bacon to death, today we learn of another bacon-inspired innovation.

The Flint Crepe Co., an eatery in Flint, Mich., recently began selling soap made from its own leftover bacon grease. Although the product certainly isn't kosher, those who scrub up with it don't walk away smelling like bacon -- it's scented with a ginger citrus blend.

bacon soap

Restaurant worker Rob McCullough explains the company's ethos to MLive, saying that it "take[s] things from growers and then give[s] them the by-products we use from them." The soap is made by Joy Derby, the sister of a farmer that sells the restaurant many of its vegetables. The stuff sells for $4.50 a bar in the restaurant.

Bacon in the bathroom may sound odd, but it's hardly new territory. Remember this bacon shaving cream?