10/07/2011 10:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'The Heart, She Holler' First Look: New Adult Swim Series With Patton Oswalt And Kristen Schaal (VIDEO)

Who other than Patton Oswalt could have two trailers released almost the same day that could not be more different?

After yesterday's release of "Young Adult," the new Jason Reitman feature starring Oswalt opposite Charlize Theron, comes the the first look at "The Heart, She Holler," which sincerely may one of the most bizarre programs ever to air on Adult Swim.

When we spoke to Oswalt earlier this week, he said that to prepare for the show, he re-read Michael Lesy's "Wisconsin Death Trip." Based on this new trailer for the show, it's clear why Oswalt had to examine the dark underbelly of developing America to star in the new live action show from "Wonder Showzen" creators PFFR.

Oswalt also told The A.V. Club about the show, "Think of the worst Williamsburg hipster douchebag, then think of what that person thinks the South is. And that’s what the show is. It’s what someone who would never set foot in the South thinks the South is. Like, try to imagine if Abel Ferrara made 'Hee Haw.'"

But based on this sizzle reel, the show truly defies description. Oswalt stars as a feral man-child who inherits a town, called The Heart, She Holler, from his father. Kristen Schaal co-stars as one of his sisters intent on taking the town back from him.

"The Heart, She Holler" premieres on Sunday, Nov. 6 on Cartoon Network.