10/04/2011 03:18 pm ET Updated Dec 04, 2011

Mark Rubinson Fails To Show For Preliminary Hearing For Real-Life 'Weekend At Bernie's' Incident

Both men who were accused of abusing a corpse in a bizarre "Weekend at Bernie's" stint were due in court for a preliminary hearing today, but only one showed.

Mark Rubinson, 25, was a no-show in court this morning according to Denver District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough. Rubinson is being charged with abuse of a corpse, criminal impersonation and identity theft, and now faces a warrant for his arrest, according to the Denver Post.

Authorities say Rubinson and Robert Young, 43, went for a night on the town with their friend, Jeffrey Jarrett, 43, dead in the backseat. The pair allegedly used Jarrett's debit cards to finance the whole excursion, before reporting Jarrett's death.

Gizmodo characteristically said of the incident:

If that seems callous, please know that Young, 43, and pal Mark Rubinson, 25, did eventually inform the authorities about their good buddy's passing. It was just, you know, five hours after he'd found the body. And after a quick stop at Teddy T's Bar and Grill for a couple of drinks to drown their sorrows. And another at Viva Burrito for some nachos in memoriam. And just a quick swing by Shotgun Willie's Show Club for... uh... well, for lap dances. But I'm sure they couldn't see the tee-taws through the tears.

Strangely enough, a similar real-life "Weekend at Bernie's" event has happened before in New York in 2008.

Both men went free on bond, but one month after the incident Rubinson was arrested for drunk driving, suspicion of car theft, and driving without a license, insurance or registration in Lafayette. According to authorities, Rubinson's father paid $12,000 for the stolen vehicle to help Rubinson avoid charges.