10/03/2011 06:41 pm ET Updated Dec 03, 2011

Occupy LA Protests Enter Third Day

Today marks the third day of Occupy LA, a movement that is still a few hundred strong and growing as mainstream unions (and even an elected official) throw their hat in with their cause.

About 100 Occupy LA protesters woke up on City Hall lawn this morning, reports the Los Angeles Times, and tonight they'll be joined by members of the education union United Teachers of Los Angeles in a protest against banks.

Unlike the protests in New York, Boston and Chicago, the occupation has so far been extremely laid back. Just a few only-in-LA features include vegan cupcakes for the protesters, and a nearby filming crew shooting a major Hollywood film. Protesters even planned to take advantage of the news cameras in the area for the Michael Jackson doctor trial!

An update from the LAPD central station confirms that there have been no arrests related to the Occupy LA protest, and that participants have been compliant with officers while demonstrating at various banks throughout Downtown LA.

For anyone who wants to help contribute supplies to the occupiers, this thorough list includes anti-septic wipes, pet food, and sun block. Their next action will be at 4pm today on the North Lawn of City Hall.

Photos of the second day and night of Occupy LA.