09/27/2011 04:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Colbert's Radiohead Show Presented By Dr. Pepper... Sort Of (VIDEO)

Remember when Stephen Colbert announced that Jimmy Fallon had promised to match his donation to a charity, even though he and Jimmy had never discussed it? Well, Fallon is in good company. On Monday night's special hour-long "Report," Radiohead seemed to have fallen prey to Colbert's mischievous sense of humor, after the host proclaimed Dr. Pepper their official soft drink.

After introducing them as the ultimate anti-corporate band, Colbert cut to a packaged intro teasing, "Dr. Pepper Presents Stephen Colbert's Rocktember With Radiohead Who Present Themselves Because They Are Nobody's Corporate Tool, Brought To You By Dr. Pepper, The Official Soft Drink Of Radiohead."

Colbert then immediately corrected himself, admitting that Dr. Pepper was not, in fact, the band's official soft drink. The subject was revisited later during the interview -- while Colbert sat in a chair emblazoned with "Dr. Pepper Flavor Zone" -- when it became clear that he hadn't screened the "official soft drink" gag with the band. "Yeah, we didn't actually talk about that," noted Thom Yorke.

Fortunately, they seemed to take the joke in good stride.

Colbert's Introduction:

The Interview:

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