09/19/2011 08:35 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2011

Rams vs. Giants LIVE UPDATES: Monday Night Football Week 2

New York Giants (0-1)
St. Louis Rams (0-1)
8:30 PM EST
MetLife Stadium
East Rutherford, NJ

Context doesn't much matter if you believe that cliche proffered by NFL players and coaches that they just "take it one game at a time."

But if you don't think that these men in pads are robots then both teams should take the field tonight in the swamps of Jersey with a dash of desperation. Both the Rams and the Giants dropped their opening games this season and it's no secret that the road to the postseason from an 0-2 start is rarely traveled.

Of course, one of the few teams to drop their first two contests and go on to win the Super Bowl was the 2007 New York football Giants. Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo was the Giants' defensive coordinator during that '07 run and was brought to the Gateway City to lead the Rams back to prominence.

With quarterback Sam Bradford under center, the Rams look to be a team on the upswing. An 0-2 start to the season might merely suggest that the slope of their learning curve isn't as steep as everyone had predicted. The G-Men, on the other hand, would seem to be moving in the opposite direction. Eli Manning remains as mercurial as ever, and certainly looks to have many productive years ahead of him, but the rest of the roster is unsettled. Decimated by injuries and free-agency losses, this team seems balanced on a razor's edge between contending and middling.

Now, the long-term futures of these two teams have little to do with tonight's game, which is why the Giants are favored by nearly a touchdown at home.

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09/20/2011 12:05 AM EDT


Come tomorrow, it won't much matter how the Giants won this game. It won't matter much that they still look hazy on offense. That 3rd down is a problem for the passing game. Or that short-yardage rushing still is an issue. It also won't matter much that the defense showed itself vulnerable to big pass plays. Come tomorrow, it will only matter that they won the game. At 1-1 the Giants are level with Philly and Dallas and in the thick of the NFC East.

The only way that the manner in which the Giants won this game ever matters is if they come out and play the same next week against the Eagles. Then they likely lose (although Vick's health is a major x-factor). Then all those problems mentioned above matter.

09/19/2011 11:57 PM EDT

Package Size

@ BrandonTierney : Eli on Stokely: "He had a small package, but his package got a lot bigger in the middle of the game." Think that's a good radio drop?

09/19/2011 11:52 PM EDT


@ willbrinson : Giants win feels like one of the least dominating blowouts I've ever seen.

09/19/2011 11:52 PM EDT

"I'm Just A Little Bit More Of An Artits"

Steve Young just said these words in regards to the ball that Eli threw to Nicks early.

09/19/2011 11:49 PM EDT

Putting Lipstick on a pig

@ nbc_sports : Eli Manning throws 2 TD passes, Giants take advantage of Rams' mistakes to beat St. Louis.

09/19/2011 11:48 PM EDT

C'mon man

@ JoeFortenbaugh : Check that...2 wins. So 2-6 overall.

09/19/2011 11:48 PM EDT

Conference Fluidity

@ JoeFortenbaugh : After 2 weeks, the NFC West has a grand total of 1 win. Maybe the PAC-12 should reach out if they want to keep expanding.

09/19/2011 11:47 PM EDT


@ JerryRecco : Solid win for the Giants. NFC East will be a battle this year

09/19/2011 11:45 PM EDT


@ MikeGarafolo : That was an ugly win. But I wrote an ugly running story. So we're even. On to Philly we go. #nyg

09/19/2011 11:44 PM EDT


It's in the books. Rams are in trouble because they're 0-2. Giants are in trouble because I'm assuming Tom Coughlin will have access to tapes of this game.