09/15/2011 10:22 am ET Updated Nov 14, 2011

Stoner Avenue: Minnesota Street Name Stays After Town Considers Changing It When Signs Stolen

What's in a name? Would a road by any other name still smell as, um, sweet?

Residents of Stoner Avenue don't seem to think so.

Despite considerations to rename the street that might be popular with Cheech and Chong, property owners in Bemidiji, Minn., convinced city officials to halt the motion and keep the name, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Although reports offer no official explanation on who's stealing the markers, it might be safe to assume the avenue's blunt name has somewhat of an appeal to pranksters.

The term "stoner" is slang for a person who smokes a lot of marijuana.

The city contemplated the name-change after having to constantly replace the street signs. About fifteen of the posts are stolen every year. That's added up to high costs -- the report states the city spent $20,000 on new signs over the past decade.

Residents huffed and puffed about the inconvenience a new street name would impose. After all, they would have to update their addresses their on driver's licenses and other important documents.

Currently, about 10 signs need to be replaced, city officials told UPI.

Officials are looking at ways to make the new signs less susceptible to theft, MPR reports.

In mid August, another street sign with a unique name was stolen from Forney, Texas. The sign for Justin Bieber Way disappeared shortly after “Mayor for a Day” Caroline Gonzalez temporarily renamed the street, CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports.