09/02/2011 12:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kate Gosselin Suffers Breakdown On 'Kate Plus 8' (VIDEO)

Well, nobody said family vacations were easy--especially when you have eight kids piled into a RV.

Kate Gosselin and her rowdy brood are headed on a family trip to Grand Canyon National Park on a recent episode of her TLC show, "Kate Plus 8." And as you can expect, there are some serious temper tantrums--including one from Kate, who has a major blowout with the nanny.

Now what's the lesson to be learned this week? Never hand Kate's bodyguard Steve Neild a piece of pizza without wrapping it in tinfoil first. Because like Kate screams, "Oh, my gosh. That is disgusting."

But we're going to have to side with the nanny on this one, who threatens Kate that she is "more than happy to leave right now" if Kate keeps acting like her 10-year-old daughter Mady. The strung-out nanny also makes it very clear that she's so sick of Kate's "dramatics."

Yeah, we would definitely have to agree with her on that one. Chill out, Kate! Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, right?

Check out all of the drama below.