08/09/2011 05:03 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2011

Elizabeth Banks Dishes 'Hunger Games' Details

Elizabeth Banks sat down with New York Magazine's Vulture blog to discuss her upcoming role as the perky (and pink) Effie Trinkett in the highly anticipated film "The Hunger Games."

This role could be a game-changer for Banks. Although she is no stranger to success, the hype surrounding this film can be compared to the mania that engulfed both Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga when they were adapted from books to blockbusters.

Banks is not only starring in the film, but is a fan of the series as well. She dished to Vulture,"I read the first one and I was like, “Oh my God!” I devoured it in, like, five hours. And partly I think I liked it because it has a female protagonist. And then I immediately got on the list to get Catching Fire and then pre-ordered Mockingjay, like, a month in advance."

She was so enamored by the story, she proclaimed to the head of Lionsgate prior to being cast, “I would pay to be Effie.” Luckily her efforts and enthusiasm didn't go unnoticed. She got the role and announced it via Twitter at the end of April tweeting, "Yes! And I can now confirm I'm EFFIE TRINKET in @TheHungerGames. So excited!"

Earlier this week Lionsgate released some more photos of the "Hunger Games" cast in character, check out the images below.


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