07/19/2011 05:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Paris Hilton's New Ride: Heiress Rolls Out In $375,000 White Lexus

From pink Bentleys to "huge" Hummers, Paris Hilton isn't one to keep things subtle when it comes to her whips. So what's the latest monster machine she's cruising around in? A $375,000 Lexus LFA. The heiress recently traded in her previous whip -- which was actually the same model Lexus in yellow -- for the pearly-white prowler.

Her former yellow ride was a 30th birthday gift from ex-boyfriend Cy Waits and, understandably, Hilton wanted to ditch the four wheel reminder of her failed relationship by swapping paint jobs.

And don't think Hilton reserves her uber-expensive ride for special occasions only. She was recently spotted in Malibu going for a coffee run in a car that costs more than the majority of Americans' homes.

Way to keep it real, Paris!