06/17/2011 07:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New York Double Rainbow: Manhattan, Brooklyn Get Rare Treat (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Whoa! Double Rainbow!!!

New York got a treat this afternoon, and in the wake of torrential downpours, as a mythical double rainbow appeared in the sky moments after the rain stopped. Heads turned and Twitter went a buzz as the rare treat lit up the New York skyline.

The double rainbow was luckily captured on camera in its full glory by Lee Wells, an artist in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. You you can watch the video below. The commentary isn't quite as good as the video that made double rainbows what they are today, but it's still a pretty cool shot.

We've also got a pretty good still shot as well.


And A Still Shot (Twitter via @AlexisWolfer):