06/09/2011 09:20 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rachel Maddow On Letterman: Talks Anthony Weiner, GOP (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow appeared on Wednesday's "Late Show" to discuss the Anthony Weiner scandal with David Letterman.

Letterman began by asking Maddow if the scandal was "something."

"If he resigns it is something," she said. "Him screwing up his marriage is more gossip than news."

After jokingly pointing out that he was "maybe not the best person to be commenting on sexual morality," Letterman noted that, with public figures, it is generally assumed that "here's a person that doesn't take pictures of their reproductive organs."

He told Maddow, "I don't think you do that." There was a long pause as Maddow gave a "no comment" look before saying, "you are correct, sir!"

She then talked about how Weiner lied to her when she asked him if the first picture of him was actually of him.

"He lied to my face when I asked him directly about this," she said. "So when he apologized for the lying, I felt like, yeah, I'm ready to hear that."

But Maddow said that Republicans were being hypocritical, since some of their politicians, such as David Vitter, had also been involved in sex scandals.

"Nobody in the Republican party has ever called on him to resign and yet they are calling on Anthony Weiner to resign," she said. "That says to me a lot more about the Republican party than it does about Anthony Weiner."