06/09/2011 10:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Vegan Black Metal Chef Cooks On A Pentagram, Stirs With A Mace

The vegan black metal chef is about as far from Sandra Lee as you can get. He cooks on pentagrams. He wears body armor. He shops at farmers' markets.

About a month ago, the vegan black metal chef (whose given name is the much tamer sounding Brian Manowitz) uploaded his first video to YouTube and became an instant hit. The Washington Post recently interviewed him at his home in Orlando and learned that Manowitz had tried making vegetarian cooking videos before but they never took off. He needed a hook, and it looks like he found it; his first episode has garnered over one million views.

Episode 1: Pad Thai features Manowitz in full makeup and body armor, black metal music, some interesting knife choices, and a delightful final product (well, after summoning The Dark One by any means possible).

Episode 2: Easy Meals Of The Ages includes Brussels sprouts with truffle oil ("this is going to f*cking blow you mind!") with a side of your favorite barbecue slathered meat substitute.

Watch the second installment below, but be careful, headbanging all over your food is not for the light-hearted.