05/15/2011 05:06 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Shephard Fairey, Death Cab For Cutie Collaborate For Music Video 'Home Is A Fire'

For their latest music video, 'Home Is A Fire', Death Cab For Cutie collaborated with street artist Shepard Fairey. The outcome is a manifest to the natural link between art and music.

“You can probably see now how these things connect. It was a logical step in my mind to take a song about redefining familiar space and connect it to the visual artistic expression of street art, which also, to me, is rooted in artists redefining familiar spaces” says bassist Nick Harmer, who initiated the collaboration.

'Home Is A Fire' talks of endless traffic and the constant fear of shifting plates, both very iconic and significant words to the residents of Los Angeles, where the video was shot. The music video is composed of the juxtaposition of spaces and lyrics. Redefining the places we inhabit, long or short term, seems to be the fundamental message of the song. And what better way to send that message than with the most diffused form of art?

“Street art, like everything, is ephemeral but I hope that in watching this video and listening to the song, people see a little magic and potential in the unappreciated details of the landscape of their lives, no matter how fleeting they may be,” writes Fairey, a man who knows a little bit about the ephemeral nature of projects.

Via Boing Boing