04/25/2011 11:05 am ET Updated Jun 21, 2011

Likable Enough 'Outliers'

Larry Sabato releases his first map for 2012.

Charlie Cook thinks 2012 could break the pattern of wave elections.

Marc Ambinder gives Obama a "reelection report card."

Jon Judis argues that Obama has the wrong economic message for 2012.

David Brooks doesn't consider Trump's candidacy a joke.

Chris Good thinks Romney should be considered the GOP frontrunner.

Ben Smith and Matt Yglesias discuss data on Romney and attitudes toward Mormonism.

Meteor Blades finds that among young people, African Americans were most likely to vote in 2010.

Frank Newport examines another decline in consumer confidence.

John Sides says Birtherism is more than just a reflex. .

E-Patient Dave warns of bad data, badly reported (via Susannah Fox).

Jamelle Bouie says Obama's "likeability gap" is irrelevent.